To know God & to make him known, for his glory and our good

S.C. Shaw (My Story)


My name is Steven Shaw. I am married with two children, a life and family I do not deserve. I am a sinner saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. I claimed Christianity for most of my life but had no idea what following Christ meant until I read through the whole Bible. God opened  my eyes and I saw God for who He is a little more and what it is and means to be a "Christian". I search for more of God everyday in His word, His creation and in His people. Now I want to share what I have learned through all the gifts God has given to me. 



I have been playing music for 28 years. I am a metal head by heart but love and play all kinds of music. When my soul was made alive by God through His word I was given the gift of being able to write various kinds of music and I love to share. My solo albums are a culmination of many genres of music I enjoy. It is acoustic with a rock vibe, hip hop style big beats, blues, folky and most importantly worshipful words. 



1689 is the only mobile recoding studio I know of. Because I love music so, I have really enjoyed helping others develop their sound and produce for artists. I play multiple instruments and help create a full band vibe for artists that are solo. I also have released my many other genres of music through my studio as well. Check it out!


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Driven Doctrine (Intro) #1

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